“if we all hush down a little”

the highlight of the festival

Bitef & Bitef Theatre, Belgrade Serbia
Concept and choreography: Snježana Abramović

The Croatian choreographer Snjezana Abramovic and the dancers of Bitef
Dance Company, are preparing a production to be premiered at 45 Bitef 2011.

Increasingly lonelier in the noisy media world, we do not even have
ourselves anymore because we have forgotten to listen to our own
silence thus losing thoughts and feelings, losing the poetry of reality
which gets shaped in the clarity of inner silence. A moment of complete
dedication to ourselves and to the energies of the universe can be
invoked by meditation, reaching for our own essence. Lack of communication,
voyeurism and the selfishness of solitude leave us with a single question,
asked by Fellini at the end of his movie “The Voice of the Moon”
(La voce della luna, 1990): If we could all hush down a little,
we might understand something (Se tutti facessimo un po’di silenzio,
forse prtremmo capire).


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