Memorial park Kragujevac October was founded in 1953., at the site where several thousand residents of Kragujevac – men, women and children – were massacred on October 21st 1941. by German occupation forces. In a skirmish with joint Chetnik and Partisan units on October 16th somewhere between Kragujevac and Gornji Milanovac, German troops suffered a loss of 10 soldiers, with 26 wounded.Using the attack as a pretext, Germans organised and carried out a Draconian reprisal in pursuance of the order general Franz Böhme issued on October 10th that hundred Serbs should be executed for every German killed and fifty for every German wounded. The reprisal took place on October 19th in neighbouring villages of Maršić, Ilićevo and Grošnica, and on October 20th and 21st in Kragujevac.According to the data collected so far, there were 2794 people executed, 415 of them in villages and 2379 in the city of Kragujevac.


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