“an archeologist of contemporary disappearances”

Stage and costume designer and director, Anna Viebrock (*1951) is surely one of the most renowned, distinguished and internationally successful representatives of her field. In her spaces the foreign and the familiar equally have an effect; and she combines elements of reality in such a way that they appear to be surreal, in their scale, partially distorted. Thereby sources of inspiration include everyday buildings and interiors of past decades, which Viebrock photographs and documents when travelling. Individual elements are rebuilt and transferred almost directly into the set design, but not actually integrated: Viebrock’s preliminary concepts are developed as collages of space, whose naturalism deceives because they lack the consistency of such arrangements. Viebrock’s way of proceeding corresponds to her process, but also it is the consequence of a strategy of the ‘aesthetics of the ordinary’, as has been – and will continue to beused and tested in architecture.


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