The Post Traumatic Ethos: Ten Thesis on the City


1.Thesis on failure

“We learn most about something at the point of its collapse”

2.Thesis on reality and endurance

“An object is only as strong as the network it is installed within”

3.Thesis on vulnerability

“Instability trains a system to adapt and increases its resilience ”

(Also known as the thesis on capital)

4.Thesis on pre-emption and temporal inconsistency

“The aftermath arrives before the event and forms its sufficient reason”

5.Thesis on blind spots

“The political dimension of any system is its blind spot.”

6.Thesis on scale as problematic

“Scale is a mode of problem posing. It refers to the binding of near and far, strong and weak, small and large. It is always conflated, always paradoxical.”

7.Thesis on calculated provocation

“If collapse reveals the truth of the object, then disturbance is an epistemological strategy

8.Thesis on unbinding problems and absolving complexity

“There are more non-relations than relations”

9.Thesis of reciprocity

“The problem conditions the part, the part conditions the problem”

10.Thesis on the political agency of networks

“There is more force in a question than an answer.”


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