Notebook on Cities and Clothes

‘Fashion. I’ll have nothing of it. At least that was my first reaction when the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris asked me to make a short film in the context of fashion.

The world of fashion. I’m interested in the world, not in fashion! But, maybe I was too quick to put down fashion. Why not look at it without prejudice? Why not examine it like any other industry, like the movies
for example?

Maybe fashion and cinema had something in common. And something else — this film would
give me the opportunity to meet someone who had already aroused my curiosity, someone who worked in Tokyo [Fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto].

Filmmaking should just remain a way of life sometimes, like taking a walk, reading a newspaper, eating, writing notes, driving a car or shooting this film here, for instance, made from day to day, carried along by nothing other than its curiosity — a notebook on cities and clothes.’



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