Symposium and workshop of European initiatives operating in urban space

From 21st till 23rd of May 2012
Prague – Czech Republic

The symposium asks what the nonprofit organizations are today and questions their role in the creation of city space. Are they non-elected groups of interest promoting their own interpretation of public good? Or do they represent a litmus paper of the level of democracy in the society? Invited organizations transform the city space on different levels – from local to the whole-city projects, with a narrow or global point of view.

On the ground of this symposium a documentation of such organizations from whole Europe will take place. The creation of a unifying web database will enable to have an overview of the status quo, but mainly to have a mutual interconnection among the organizations with similar aims and sharing of their experiences.

Invited organization changes our cites using small scale intervention up to the concepts of the city. Guests will present different ways and methods of work at the city. Aim of the symposium is to join different European perspectives and to bridge different experiences all over the Europe.

Symposium joins fifteen countries from all over the Europe around crucial topics of the contemporary city non-governmental activities. In the evening we will for the first time introduce BAVO, Stealth and Stalker to central European public, their round table will be moderated by Belgium philosopher and activist Lieven de Cauter.

Second day three workshops lead by Gideon Boie – BAVO, Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen – Stealth and Lorenzo Romito and Giulia Fiocca – Stalker will focus on contemporary form of activism in city. As result we expect three “manifestos” representing current European status of the city and possibility to change it.

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