new cut paper messages by annie vought

annie vought has sent to designboom images of her newly developed pieces for her existent collection of handwritten, cut-out correspondence. the oakland, california
residing artist considered the countless email, SMS, instant messages and twitter posts received in her life, and instead chooses to reject digital message forms.
in her cut-out correspondence series, vought recounts various hand scrawled notes, letters that she have found, written, or received by first enlarging these correspondence
onto a large piece of paper. her carved reinvention of the immediate communications then has the negative spaces surrounding each character carved away, revealing
a network of interconnected letters in vought’s exact-o-knife penmanship, with the word choice, spelling errors and human quality of the original author.

the artist says of her work, ‘through the computer I am in touch with people I may never have seen before and I can respond in real time to a loved one. but with
the ubiquity of this access and convenience, we are losing the tangible handwritten letter. handwritten records are fragments of individual histories… the author
is often revealed in spite of him/herself. a letter is physical confirmation of who we were at the moment it was written, or all we have left of a person or a time

the handwriting and the lines support the structure of the cut paper, keeping it strong and sculptural, despite its apparent fragility. in these paper cutouts, I focus on the text,
structure, and emotion of the letter in an elaborate investigation into the properties of writing and expression. penmanship, word choice, and spelling all contribute to possible
narratives about who that person is and what they are like. my recreating the letters is an extended concentration on peoples’ inner lives and the ways they express their
thoughts through writing
.’-annie bought


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