the small utopia. ars multiplicata at the fondazione prada

the exhibition ‘small utopia. ars multiplicata’, curated by germano celant, is being presented by the fondazione prada at ca’ corner della regina
in venice. the showcase reflects the societal shift, at the beginning of the 20th century and pursued into the 1970s, to encourage the spread of art
in society through the multiplication of objects and experimenting with new aesthetic and interactional uses for them.

the ground floor and mezzanine displays artists’ books, magazines, experimental films and radio. the second level, the central section,
encompasses over six hundred objects of design, ceramics, glassware, textiles, toys and editions of originals and multiples.
the pieces are marked by the emergence of new technological realities in which all the principal movements and schools played a part,
from italian futurism to russian constructivism and bauhaus, from neoplasticism to surrealism, reaching through nouveaux réalistes,
op art and the radical approach the great explosion of ars multiplicata brought about by pop art.


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